How to Sew a Ladder Stitch – Invisible Stitch – Slip Stitch – Blind Stitch

I love making stuffed animals for my boys! And the boys love them. They each have quite a collection. 🙂 And when sewing plushies, knowing how to make a ladder stitch is a must! Also known as a blind stitch, invisible stitch or slip stitch, it is used when closing the opening usually on pillowcases, dolls, plushies or bags. It is used when there are two folded edges of fabric, so that seam allowance is folded inside.
When finishing your project you leave an opening so you can turn the garment or plushie the right side out. That’s when the ladder stitch will come handy and seal the item you are sewing very very neatly.


Here’s how you do it:

Fold the seams under and press with an iron so that it’s nice and flat. This folded edge will be your guide for stitches as you go.

Hide your knot. Catch the edge with your needle from underneath the folded edge and pull so that it comes out on the crease. The knot is now hidden inside the folded edge.

Hop over to the other side of the opening and pick up some fabric directly across. Make a small stitch along the crease.


Again, to the opposite side of the fabric and directly across make a small stitch. It’s that simple!


Continue all the way through the opening making sure the stitches are nice and tight.


To finish, make a small knot and tighten it against the seam. Then stuck your needle through the seam next to the knot in between the two layers of fabric and come out a little further in a random place. Cut the thread very close to the fabric and the tail will disappear into the fabric.


And that’s it! You’ve closed that gap!


A few tips to consider when sewing the invisible stitch:

• Keep your stitches running perfectly along the folded edge in order to have an even seam.
• Keep the stitches close together. You don’t want your stuffing to pop out. 🙂
• Place the opening somewhere a little hidden and not on a curve.
• Use the iron to tuck in the seam allowance. This will make it so much easier to make a nice, even closure.

Need sewing ideas? You’ll find some free printables here: