FREE Pajama Pants Pattern

This year my boys were invited to a pajama party for their cousin’s birthday. So I decided to sew them matching pajamas and they all LOVED it! Of course it was a last minute project again, but I managed to sew them just in time and I decided to share this FREE Pajama Pants Pattern with you!


What you’ll need:

  • a pattern – you’ll find the pattern in sizes 0-12 years on my free patterns site HERE
  • fabric – this pattern was intended for stretch fabric (cotton lycra, interlock…)
  • pins
  • rotary cutter & cutting mat or fabric scissors

Printing your pattern: be very careful to set the scaling to 100% or “none” before printing your pattern. You have a test square to check if the scaling was correct. Do not »fit to page«. I recommend you print the page with test square first and measure it. When you are sure it’s correct, proceed with printing the pattern.

Print all pages on standard paper. Using Adobe Reader (downloaded from recommended but may not be necessary.


Match up the square images on the edges of pages and tape the pages together.

For instructions see also: First time using our pattern? Here are a few tips.


Fold your fabric in half with the two selvage edges together.

Place your pattern on the fabric with the grain line parallel to the selvage.  Cut out two pieces of fabric using your pattern so you get two mirror image pieces.

Cut two ankle cuff pieces & 1 waistband piece on fold.


Fold each leg piece right sides together and stitch inseams using 1 cm (3/8 inch) seam allowances.


Turn one leg right side out, insert in other leg, match crotch seam and  stitch crotch curve.


Sew both cuff pieces and the waistband at the side seam, right sides together.


Fold the cuffs on half, wrong sides together, right side out and pin them to the outside of the ankle hem with right sides of fabric together.


Fold the waistband in half in length, right sides out. This is your finished waistband.

Mark the quarters on your pants and on waistband. Then align the quarter marks and pin together.


Sew the waistband onto the pants.


And you’re finished! 🙂


Looking for more sewing ideas? You’ll find some free printables here: