WHAT IS A DIGITAL PATTERN?2019-11-26T14:02:47+01:00

A digital pattern is a PDF version of the pattern that will be sent to you automatically after purchase. You will be sent a link (to the designated email address) that will give you access to a file(s) that includes the pattern and instruction booklet as PDF files.

You can print the pattern at home on A4 or US letter sized paper, and then trim and assemble to create the full size pattern. The purchase for larger designs may also includes a copy shop file (A0 size) or A3 format size – if you would prefer to skip the assembling and take the file to a copy shop for printing.

Digital patterns can only be downloaded a maximum of 3 times. Be sure to download the pattern and save it to your computer (or storage service) so that you can use it as many times as you like.

HOW DO I GET MY DIGITAL PATTERN?2019-11-26T14:05:30+01:00

When you purchase a digital product you will be given a unique URL to download your pattern from. The URL will be emailed to you directly after purchase. From there, click on the link provided to download the file(s) of the pattern.

Inside the file(s) you will find everything you need to make the pattern. Download and save the files to your hard drive (or storage device) for safe-keeping. If you can’t see where the pattern is, check the downloads file on your computer.

I DIDN’T RECEIVE MY PATTERN2019-11-26T14:07:30+01:00

Sometimes the e-mail with the pattern file can land in promotions tab or in spam – please check all email folders for your information.

Another reason for not receiving your login information is a typo in your email address (which can happen with credit card payments). Send us an email at info@origamina.com and we are happy to help.

HOW DO I CREATE MY ACCOUNT?2019-11-26T14:57:07+01:00

All accounts are automatically created with the email provided at the checkout.

HOW CAN I DOWNLOAD FREE PATTERNS?2019-11-27T10:35:36+01:00

Only newsletter subscribers have the access to all free patterns files.

Subscribe to the NEWSLETTER and I’ll send you a link & password for downloads.

I DOWNLOADED THE PATTERN. NOW WHAT?2020-02-20T13:26:49+01:00

You’ll find the instructions for the pattern assembly HERE.